Type: Vector Points
Brief: Bison (Meagher-Taper) WY1985-89
Description: Bison (Meagher-Taper) - all groups, water years 1985-89
Range: na
Units: na
Extent: ~G05C24
Proj.: UTM
Datum: WGS84/NAD83
Known limitations: Coordinates derived post facto by Taper et al. based on hand-written notes by Meagher. Many coordinates off by 100s of meters.
Source data: Taper et al. (2000)
Source format: DBF

Image acquisition date:

Original resolution: na
Original source data import by: Jon Detka
Locational accuracy:  
Measurement accuracy:  
Analysis by: Fred Watson
Analysis date: 11/03/05
Analysis method: Subsetting
Analysis software: MS Excel
Training data: na
Validation data: na
Publication 1: Taper, M.L., M. Meagher, and C.L. Jerde. 2000. The phenology of space: Spatial aspects of bison density dependence in Yellowstone National Park. Final Report, U.S. Geological Survey Biological Resources Division Contract 1445-CAO9-95-0072 (sub-agreement no. 7). Bozeman: Montana State University. 113 pp.
Publication Link 1: http://www.nrmsc.usgs.gov/products/YNP_bison_density.pdf
Publication 2:  
Publication Link 2:  
Original filename: MeagherBison_ByFlt_5yrs_WY85-89.tsd
Original folder: C:\f\0_ynp\data\animals\bison\meagher-taper\data\ccows_versions\tarsier\flight_time_5yr_blocks
Precision: na

Deployed in lower-division mapper:

Withholding: Pending approval to post
Posted Resolution:  
Posted Filename:  
Posted Folder:  
Posted Precision:  
Legend Notes: Circles represent bison groups. Area of circle represents number of animals in group. Biggest groups are >600 animals.
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