Burn Intensity 1988
Type: Raster
Brief: Burn intensity 1988
Description: Approximate extent of 1988 fires. Values represent an ambiguous combination of burn intensity and regrowth intensity. Not tested.
Range: 0 - 2
Units: None
Extent: G05C24
Proj.: UTM
Datum: WGS84/NAD83
Known limitations: Only visual, qualitative testing so far., plenty of obvious errors (e.g. Yellowstone R upstream of Yellowstone Lake)
Source data: Landsat-7 ETM+
Source format: NLAPS

Image acquisition date:

Original resolution: 28.5 m
Original source data import by: Wendi Newman
Locational accuracy:  
Measurement accuracy:  
Analysis by: Fred Watson
Analysis date: 11/3/2005
Analysis method: Simple sub-classification of Land cover class map
Analysis software: Tarsier
Training data: na
Validation data: na
Publication 1: Earlier version was used by: Watson, F.G.R., Newman, W., Coughlan, J.C., & Garrott, R.A. (in press.) Testing a distributed snowpack simulation model against diverse observations. J. Hydrol. in press.
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Original filename: LULC_ETM20020923_040622_G05C24_28_Burn0-2.tra
Original folder: C:\f\0_ynp\rasters\lulc\LULC_ETM20020923_040622\G05\C24\28
Precision: Byte

Deployed in lower-division mapper:

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