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This page shows an emulation of visualizations used in a kiosk product now in operation at the Canyon Visitor Education Center in Yellowstone National Park.

To visit Yellowstone National Park | Click Here |

There are currently four methods for viewing the kiosk content:

Low bandwidth Quicktime (.mov) format | Click Here |

Medium bandwidth Flash Player format. "The Yellowstone Bison Migration" (4 stories) | Click Here |

This link shows a version of the interactive DVD in Flash format and is hosted on the Park Service's "Windows Into Wonderland" website under "Teacher Resources" | Click Here |

A high quality interactive DVD-based version player is accessible from this page. This is the player only. | Click Here | NOTE: The page provides a kiosk player environment and not the actual DVD content. You will need an actual copy of the DVD Disk in the local DVD drive of your computer for this to function properly. System Requirements: (Windows XP/Media Player 9/10/IE 6 only).